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Personal Training

1-on-1 personalized fitness training in our private studio any time of day you like.

Starts at $208 a month

Functional Circuit Class

10 person class where you rotate through 10 different functional cardio stations guided by a timer. Meets just once a week for 45min.

$40 a month

Foundational Strength Class

4 person class for building foundational strength for life. Meets 2x a week for 60min.

$144 a month

 We believe in human potential.

We all want to get fit and stay fit, but what if we were capable of more? More energy, less apathy. More progression, less depression. More motivation, less demoralization. Here at Motivate Me Mike we take an individualized approach in order to highlight the perfect path up YOUR individual mountain. So that even with injuries, diseses, or mental illness you can still move up!

Our private fitness studio has:

A great atmoshere with a focus on wellness

No memberships, no crows, no judgement

Top notch trainers that love people