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Our team of wellness-minded, gold-level certified, personal fitness trainers will help you do just that!

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What is Motivate Me Mike?

We are a private personal fitness studio that is focused on helping individual people with their individual needs. That means you'll recieve the fitness and wellness plan that is made perfect for YOU! We're also trained and certified to work with people who have a wide variety of medical needs. Most of all though, we are specialists in PEOPLE.

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Why is Motivate Me Mike?

We need a positive place focused on individual success! Not a gym dominated by huge crowds, the extreamly fit, or the judgemental. We need a place that takes a realistic wellness approach to lifestyle change because THAT is what brings us the distance AND keeps us there so we don't back-track. So we are trainers that show you a clear-cut path to your goals that you can ACTUALLY enjoy.