Motivate Me Mike is a Personal Training experience you can look forward to. Our realistic wellness-minded approach make us the BEST place to begin your journey. With an inspiring certified team of trainers that walk-the-walk and find great fulfillment in helping people reach their goals. Our private fitness studio environment really motivates you to go the distance and enjoy the journey. 


Established January 2014.

From solo trainer, to small studio owner, to larger studio with more trainers, Motivate Me Mike's major goal continues to be: "To Motivate Humanity To Reach Their Potential". And in this neck of the woods... We've done just that.  Stay tuned to see how we change the fitness industry for the better, and make the gym-going experience into a positive experience for ALL, and I mean.... ALL.

The Business Owner

I am inspired by human potential, and the best place to start unlocking that potential is by improving your own physical and mental health. The more you improve in these fields, the more likely you are to see improvement in every other aspect of your life. Don't even get me started on how far you can go if you have better self-image!! Point being: I believe that THIS is the field of work where I can make the most positive change in the world. Being overweight and out of shape literally keeps you down. Stress, anxiety, depression, and poor self image are nets casted over us.  So I believe that Fitness is Freedom!! The freedom to BE who you are meant to be and DO what you are capable of doing. A world where everyone is the best version of themselves will always be a better world.

About Motivate Me Mike

Meet mMm Team Member:

Alyssa York!

Alyssa is everything a Personal Trainer should be and more. She works hard to get you results and everyone has a lot of fun in the process. Her passion for health and fitness is only matched by her heart for helping people reach their goals. So glad I brought her onto the team here at Motivate Me Mike.

She has a lot of motivation to give so please feel free to give her a call or text to set up your free consultation today!

Here's to Moving Up!! ↗🗻