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Personal Training

Wellness Coaching and Fitness Training to Reach Your Potential

Train with any one of our team of trainers for 60 or 30 min sessions. Bring a family member or friend for group personal training too!

(Price varies depending on length of session, number of people, and times per week).

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Wellness Coaching

Diet Planning and Vitality Training

Wellness coaching is about insuring optimal improvement in the areas of overall health YOU need most That includes diet, stress management, sleep, and anything else concerning your vitality.

(Wellness coaching is included in Personal Training).

Summit Strength

Building Foundational Strength for Life

This group personal training program is balanced, functional, and simple. It was designed to build the basic foundational strength movements that all humans at any fitness level need, and should be at the core of any fitness program.

Price: $144 per month

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