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Personal Training

Wellness Coaching and Fitness Training to Reach Your Potential

Train with me or anyone of my team of trainers here at the Motivate Me Mike studio, and prepare to be Motivated.

(Price varies depending on length of session, number of people, and times per week).

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Parkour Training

A Training Discipline for Negotiating Obstacles and Landscapes.

This is yet another style of training I offer. If you're training for an obstacle race like "Tough Mudder"or "Spartan Race" there's no better training than parkour, nor shall you find a fitness program more functional and fun! Also, I am one of the rare trainers out there that actually has a credible certification to teach this dicipline.

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Wellness Coaching

Diet Planning and Vitality Training

My Wellness Coaching is one of the things that defines me as Motivate Me Mike and it makes all the difference in your results. I prescribe "wellness tasks" specific for YOU, insuring optimal improvement in the areas of overall health YOU need the most! That includes diet, stress management, and anything else concerning your vitality.

(Wellness coaching is included in Personal Training).

Summit Strength

Building Foundational Strength for Life

Balanced, functional, and simple, this is the group personal training program the world deserves. It meets twice a week at a time suitable for you and 2-3 other people. Once you try Summit Strength you'll wonder why you've been doing anything else.

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